just another opinion on gigi (she’s getting a lot of attention here lately lol!)

but i just feel bad for her! like having your mom just bail on you when you’re a baby and then being used to life with just your dad (and maybe a few nannies) and then suddenly your mother wants to be in your life again and you have to go to paris to make that happen! and then your life gets uprooted to live with your dad’s new wife who happens to be your half sister’s mother, like that’s gotta be hard seeing your half sister get to live the childhood fantasy of your mom & dad together but now that can’t happen for her because her dad is with her sister’s mother. and then as soon as she gets comfortable living in stars hollow with her new stepmom, things don’t work out and she’s back to life with just her dad. gotta be tough for this little girl! i still love her though in the 7th season she’s just such a cutie pie!!

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