Please share, give this family something to hold on to 

"just found your blog and i love it!! please post moreeee!"
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thank you!!! i’m going to try to post more!!!!! but i appreciate everyone sticking by me! :)

"aaw i love your blog SO much thank you for everything! I loved this show and i really am in tears when i watch trough the posts. THANK YOU! xx"
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thanks so much!!! i’m a little obsessed with the show (if you couldn’t tell haha) and i love that so many of us still are!!!! xoxo

"I think i say solidarity sister once a week"
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hahahhahah!!! such a great line :)

"Your blog is amaze-balls.!!!!"
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i really appreciate all the love! i apologize for not getting back to you sooner but thank you so much!!! 

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thank you, you’re so sweet!!! :) 

"I JUST started following, but I'm already in love with this blog. It honestly made me start tearing up. Thank you for making it <3"
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thank you so much!! sorry for not responding and kind of never going on this blog anymore…but i really appreciate it!!! xoxo

"Lorelai drinking coffee with her head out the window. 3x08"
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done here :)

"Would you ever make one of these for Desperate Housewives? There's so much to quote/memorable moments"
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i love that show so much!!!! but unfortunately i have a hard enough time keeping up with this one so i wouldn’t…but i would definitely follow it on my personal if one existed!!! 

""oy with the poddles already" (Season 2, episode 22)"
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done here  :)

POLL:What do you think Amy’s final 4 words are?

We’re all still waiting for Amy to come out with her idea of the way the show should’ve ended…which includes a final line consisting of 4 words she says she planned from the start. She refuses to tell us (maybe she’s saving it for a possible movie?) no matter how much we beg!!!! For now all can do is imagine so I’m asking What do YOU think those final words are? 

june 3rd. this day is sad